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A hug is duct tape for the soul.

The C.D.C. has begun funding studies of TBI's in prisons, another of Jack's interests. He has long believed that all prisoners should get a neuro-psych evaluation as part of their exit routine before being released. The prison environment is ripe for TBI's, and it's also probable that a fair percentage of inmates had a TBI long before being sentenced. (Remember that one of Jack's doctors, Jonathan H. Pincus, in his 2002 book (Base Instincts: What Makes Killers Kill?) theorized, "It is the interaction of childhood abuse with neurologic disturbances and psychiatric illnesses that explains murder.") TBI's fall under the classification of neurologic disturbances, and it makes sense to study their prevalence in the prison population.

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I have found it to be a subject far too many people can't face. Glad to find another person who can.

I have long regarded the unmet need of a homicide hotline. Why is it that the only killers society desires to help not take action on impulse are the people who's anger is self directed?

If suicide crisis lines are truely successful, I believe it is irresponsible we havn't set up any homicide hotlines. I believe it is feasible to prevent murders by helping a person problem solve and process anger in safer more healthy ways then they can when left with it to cope with in their isolation and solitude.

Hope you are able to make sense of my comment. Since my brain injury (which went undetected to many years) it is often I am not easily understood. I took the risk to post my idea cause I got the idea that you possibly, after what I read about your ideas of prison and tbi, you might get what I'm sayin.

hope so, and have a good day
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